Huddle up

Like I mentioned in my very first blog post, there is so much information on health and wellness that it is very easy to get overwhelmed. I’ve picked out a handful of articles and stories from various websites that I’ve enjoyed reading and listening to since I started this blog. I believe it’s enough to get you thinking about what information you’re seeking and where you can … Continue reading Huddle up

Post-workout playlist

When I first started this blog, I put together a pre-workout playlist to get you pumped and ready to go to class. I’m going to round this out with a post-workout playlist. Slow down. Breathe. Relax. I’m sure there’s something in here that you’ll like! Continue reading Post-workout playlist

What’s in your gym bag?

Packing and unpacking and repacking; I don’t enjoy it. But I also don’t enjoy being unprepared while out and about in Manhattan. So what are the essentials we should all carry in our gym bags without having to constantly plan? Here are some of the top essentials fitness instructors and students keep with them at all times. “Coconut oil, lacrosse ball or foam roller, an extra … Continue reading What’s in your gym bag?

Lara Kramer

When I began my research for this project, I stumbled upon a couple ClassPass blogs that were specific to New York City, one being Best In Class run by Lara Kramer. She also frequently updates the Best In Class Twitter, which you can follow here. Lara had developed a pretty comprehensive rating system for classes with custom workout summaries that were much more believable and relatable compared to what you would … Continue reading Lara Kramer

How to wait

Sometimes the subway (miraculously) moves faster than normal. Sometimes I overestimate how long it will take to walk to my destination. When I show up to a workout class with time to spare, I find myself on my phone scrolling through Instagram waiting for class to begin. I’m trying to be better about this!! Because one of the reasons I love to work out is because it forces me away from my … Continue reading How to wait