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It’s been on my list of “things to do” to learn more about my body and how to take better care of it. So the other week I googled “health and fitness blogs”. Can you guess how many websites and lists with more websites appeared? A lot. I didn’t know where to start. I clicked around for a bit. Greatist, Fitness On Toast, The Skinny Confidential, Little Honey Bee and so. much. more. How do you all do it?

As I skimmed the websites, I felt like these people were telling me what to do rather than learning with me. They were the experts and I was the student. I had difficulty engaging with this method of learning.

Before I start, you should know this: I am not a fitness guru nor a health buff. What I am is a 22-year old college student living in New York City on a budget with one goal in life: to feel good.

Of course, there is mental and emotional wellness. But here, I’m mainly going to focus on physical wellness.

I try to exercise and I try to eat “right.” But I love laying in bed with Netflix and I love big bowls of pasta. Everything in moderation, right?

In an attempt to counterbalance my Netflix-watching, I joined ClassPass. For those of you who don’t know, ClassPass is a monthly membership to boutique studios and gyms. You can either take classes at various studios (pilates, strength training, cycling, etc.) or use standard gyms. Since I don’t know how to navigate a gym, I take classes.

And in an attempt to counterbalance big bowls of pasta…. well, actually, I still eat big bowls of pasta and I don’t regret a single noodle.

Circa 2002. Some things never change.
Circa 2002. Some things never change.

I wish I could say that this blog is going to break through all that clutter in the health and fitness world and that if you read this blog you will feel and look fantastic! But I can’t say that. Because truthfully, I don’t know nearly enough to educate you all on this topic.

What I do know is that I love asking questions. I love problem solving. And I really love experimenting with and learning how to create good content to share with others.

You’re going to come on a journey with me; learn as I learn. We’re going to talk to ClassPass instructors and hear from some of our own. We’re going to take one more step to leading better lives and have some fun while doing it.

If there’s anything specific you want me to find out, shout! If there’s someone you want me to talk to, let me know!

This is your space for sharing and learning. Enjoy!

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