Let’s snack about it

It’s no secret that you need fuel to get the most out of your workouts. But instead of stopping at Liquiteria for a smoothie or Hu Kitchen for a parfait before classes, try making some snacks of your own at home.

I consulted with Emily Sundberg of @shelovesfoodnyc. Emily is also a fellow ClassPass-er and knows all about the trials and tribulations of eating on the go. It’s a constant struggle between efficiency, conveniency and let’s face it, how much money we have in our wallets.

When asked about the importance of eating before a workout, Emily states, “Sometimes you’re the athlete who says to him/herself, ‘I can make it through this workout with my coffee for energy!’ Don’t be that athlete anymore. Eating before a workout not only gives you more energy to perform DURING your workout, but also provides a platform for recovery when it ends. Especially when trudging to your ClassPass classes in the winter, a warming breakfast or afternoon snack can boost your mood, strength and tastebuds.”

Make the time to eat before your workout classes or simply pack a snack in your workout bag. Like Colin said, we never want to get hangry. Here’s a list of Emily’s top five favorite home-made snacks:

Banana Nut Muffins

These are the perfect snack to pack when heading out to a class. Make them the night before so that they can completely cool for the morning of. And don’t forget to use extremely ripe bananas!

Image: Emily Sundberg / @shelovesfoodnyc
Image: Emily Sundberg / @shelovesfoodnyc

Pumpkin Almond Butter Toast

I justify eating spoonfuls of peanut butter with “it’s protein!”. The main reason I like it so much is because it’s a spread and spreads can be paired with just about anything. But, as always, everything in moderation. So I’ll try to take every other grocery store trip and substitute Skippy with almond butter just so I can get that same creamy texture I love so much. Here, Emily takes almond butter to the next level. I would even put a dollop in a bowl of fresh fruit and yogurt!

Image: Emily Sundberg / @shelovesfoodnyc
Image: Emily Sundberg / @shelovesfoodnyc

Berry Smoothie Bowl

Everyone loves a good smoothie. No wonder spots like Juice Press and Juice Generation have blown up! However, it’s important to know how easy it is to make these beverages at home… and for more than half the cost. Get creative and blend your own smoothie for a vibrant pre-workout snack. Buy a mason jar and pack it to go or enjoy it at home in a bowl with fun toppings. Here is Emily’s favorite.

Image: Emily Sundberg / @shelovesfoodnyc
Image: Emily Sundberg / @shelovesfoodnyc

Avocado Toast

This alone should tell you how crazy we’ve been (and still are) over avocado toast! Trends aside, avocado is a healthy fat that will be sure to give you the energy you need to make it through your workout class. Emily’s current obsession is these tiny crackers from Lesley Stowe Fine Foods and here’s how she dresses them up.

Image: Emily Sundberg / @shelovesfoodnyc
Image: Emily Sundberg / @shelovesfoodnyc

Classic Fried Egg

And when all else fails, just fry an egg and stick it on a piece of toast. You can never go wrong!

Image: Emily Sundberg / @shelovesfoodnyc
Image: Emily Sundberg / @shelovesfoodnyc

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