Remedy me

I’m the worst, most pitiful patient. There! I said it. When my throat turns sore or nose stuffs up, I’m miserable, tired and annoyed that my body has failed me.

Inevitably, my grandmother will lecture me about gargling warm salt water and my parents will tell me to spray saline up my nose. Saline up my nose? No – I need something that’ll fix me up in a day’s time and that something is Advil. I immediately reach for the bottle.

With hopes of developing some patience and lowering my Advil intake, I consulted with friends and put together a list of five home remedies for you all. Here’s what they have to say:

“Whenever I have a stuffy nose, I heat up water until it’s boiling hot and then I put my face over it with a washcloth over my head. This turns into my own, personal sauna and the steam opens everything up. ‘Steam up the nose and down it goes’ is my motto!” Dede Chiloiro


“My grandma taught me to make this facial mask out of raw eggs, honey and apple vinegar. You leave it on for an hour and it helps with acne and dry skin.” Jacqueline Oliver


“Whenever I feel any inkling in my throat, I will make hot lemon water with turmeric. I’ll do this first thing in the morning and I’ll have about four or five cups throughout the day. You can also substitute fresh ginger for the turmeric.”Madison Roxin

Screen Shot 2015-10-28 at 10.36.59 AM

“We know that water is key to a healthy body. Headaches, fatigue, muscle cramping, and digestive disturbances are ailments that can be cured by a heathy dose of H2O. However, my favorite way to use water as a natural remedy is as part of my skin care regimen. When my skin looks tired and run down, there’s nothing like a few glasses of water to breathe life back into my face – adding lift, filling lines, and giving my mug an all around glow. Besides trying to drink water throughout the day, which can be challenging, I make sure I start and end everyday with a tall glass of water so I feel and look my best.”Colin Turek


“I was once slicing cucumbers on a mandoline slicer for tiny tea sandwiches when I butchered my thumb – blood everywhere! My dad immediately cut open a tea bag and started patting the tiny black tea leaves on the open wound. The leaves formed a makeshift scab (sounds disgusting) but within three days the leaves fell off on their own and my thumb was completely healed! No scars or anything.” – Yours truly

IMG_1586 (1)


BONUS!! This last one technically doesn’t count as a home remedy… but it’s a great tip nonetheless! 
“When you feel a cough or cold coming on, before you go to sleep, you put Vicks vapor rub on the bottoms of your feet and then put a pair of socks on and the Vicks pulls out toxins and such. Sometimes it makes the cough go away immediately or it shortens the length of it. It really works!” Brendan Charles


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