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Let’s be honest, we all have pet peeves when it comes to working out in a group fitness environment. And let me say right now that this is not meant to be a rant! Rather, these are some acts that we as students and you as instructors can do to improve our overall workout experiences. I went straight to the sources to find out more. Take notes!


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“It’s a bit irritating when instructors don’t correct my form. I know there have been times where I’m not doing it right and they see me not doing it right and they don’t correct me. I would rather you single me out in front of the entire class for doing it wrong rather than continue to do it wrong” – Madison Roxin

“My biggest pet peeve in a class is when the instructor isn’t diligent about monitoring the length of an exercise. If I am relying on you to tell me when I can stop my umpteenth burpee and you’re on your cell phone or picking under your nails, please know that the rest of us are panicked and looking at each other like, “Do we keep going? Do we all make a run for the door? Why didn’t we figure out how to successfully silently communicate before class, damn it!” Even when an instructor has the best intentions and may be helping another student with their form, don’t punish the rest of us by giving my left leg 2x the attention in these lunges just because you got distracted by I-can’t-lunge Johnny. I really am happy to work. I WANT to work. But I just need the comfort of knowing you’re properly steering this ship. And then I am all aboard.” – Lara Kramer

“One thing I want instructors to be cautious about is to go around and ask if there are injuries or anything they need to be aware of so that they can help you with adjustments and modifications. It’s a good way of showing the class that you do care and that there are ways to be just as active with a little bit of modification.” – Sarah Lam


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“What gets me more than anything is when you’re teaching a class and you’re not getting feedback. Sometimes, as an instructor, for whatever reason, everyone has a blank face. That’s very hard for an instructor because if you’re a good instructor, you’re responsive to feedback. We’re constantly looking for how people are feeling, exertion-wise, where are they? Are they bored? When we don’t get this feedback, whether it be a look or a certain intensity, it’s very discouraging.” – Colin Turek

“When people speed through things. I tell them hold on, pay attention to what you’re doing and how it’s affecting your body and how you’re feeling while doing it.” – Ashleigh Kast

“People tend to leave early. If they don’t want to do abs or the cool down, they just get up and leave. You can’t just leave! You have to wait for the instructor to say ‘okay, thank you’ and then you’re done. It’s about being respectful and enjoying the entire experience. Give yourself the entire hour. Put a period at the end of the sentence. Just finish the class! Say thank you. Someone took the time to be there for you so just don’t leave.” – Michelle Brugal

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