What’s in your gym bag?

Packing and unpacking and repacking; I don’t enjoy it. But I also don’t enjoy being unprepared while out and about in Manhattan. So what are the essentials we should all carry in our gym bags without having to constantly plan? Here are some of the top essentials fitness instructors and students keep with them at all times.

“Coconut oil, lacrosse ball or foam roller, an extra sports bra” – Madison Roxin

Bumble & Bumble hair powder, Lululemon headband, some kind of face toner. This city is so dirty and I sweat all over myself.” – Ashleigh Kast

Quest bars and some sort of chapstick” – Colin Turek

My Movie 2

“Body wipes (Ponds or Neutrogena), an extra tank top and my water bottle. I invested in a bkr”. – Sarah Lam

New balance sneakers, my reusable water bottle, a banana or KIND bar, clean underwear and clean socks” – Casey Trotta

“The bag itself is so important. I switch between two different sized Lululemon bags. They’re cute and have tons of storage! Now for what’s inside: I always carry an extra pair of grippy socks (you never know when you might want to take a barre class!), SNACKS (fresh fruit or my favourite trail mix from Trader Joe’s: almonds, cashews, and dark chocolate!) and tons of extra hair ties. That’s the last thing I want to worry about while working out.” – Payton Carvalho

Photos: Payton Carvalho

“Deodorant, ALWAYS. I’m really into eos. And I always have a change of workout clothes because I do something physical everyday. Plus, you never know when you’ll want to go work out!” – Michelle Brugal

One thought on “What’s in your gym bag?

  1. Great tips….fyi – I always have 2 sets of headphones in my lululemon gym bag – simply cannot get through a solo workout without music!!


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