Huddle up

Like I mentioned in my very first blog post, there is so much information on health and wellness that it is very easy to get overwhelmed. I’ve picked out a handful of articles and stories from various websites that I’ve enjoyed reading and listening to since I started this blog. I believe it’s enough to get you thinking about what information you’re seeking and where you can go to find that information. I hope you find this useful!

My two favorite quotes from this Born Fitness blog post:

  1. “Writing health content comes with a social responsibility. People will read this and instead of consulting with a nutritionist or doctor, they’ll treat it as gospel”
  2. “You want to know why people are frustrated by diets and workouts? Because of advice like this that confuses the hell out of them.”

I don’t normally enjoy posts that send out blanket advice just so that every “twenty something” can assume it applies to them. that’s what my parents are for. But this Greatist post resonated with me, in particular, number two. I’ve been practicing “owning it” and by that, I mean being confident in the decisions I make. I think everyone needs to be reminded of this.

I started listening to Invisibilia at the beginning of the year and came across the “Fearless” episode. It’s takes a close look at a woman who has no fear – “literally could not experience that emotion”. I stumbled upon this episode at a time when I started taking a lot of new and different classes on my own. It’s scary throwing yourself into a situation in which the outcome could be absolutely anything! Of course, this is fear on a very, very minute level and the episode dives into much scarier situations. The takeaway: imagine everything you would do if you couldn’t experience fear?

I went to a Thanksgiving potluck and brought this hummus (pictured below). People went crazy! The secret ingredient? Celery.

Screen Shot 2015-12-13 at 10.06.57 AM

I have had a lot of neck and shoulder problems the past few weeks. These stretches have really helped (as well as this contraption).

I’m constantly on the lookout for new leggings. I just can’t find the right pair and whenever I asked around all I get in response is “Lululemon”. This guide has some great recommendations. Currently, I’m loving Athleta’s High Rise Chaturanga Tights!

I know I’m not the only one who finds myself completely stuffed after delicious meals, needing to take a walk. These exercises help!! Happy Holidays 🙂

I just think this is awesome. Talk about having passions!

The whole reason I started this blog is because I couldn’t find anything out there that highlighted the ClassPass instructors. Then, this came out! It’s not as comprehensive as I would have liked but it’s a start. Without these talented instructors, we wouldn’t have classes to begin with! So spread the word!

And lastly, if you still have a burning desire to keep clicking and reading, this list is for you (although 60 still seems like a lot to sift through).

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